Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Time To Celebrate - Part 2

Entertaining the Company by Embracing the Continuity

The invitations have been delivered and (hopefully) you've received your responses, so now we're finalizing the event details.

As your guests enter the event space, allow them to see that you took extra care in planning the overall look and feel. Paying attention to all those little details will sure make for an awesome experience and long remembered for years to come.

If you’ve chosen a theme, don’t be afraid to infuse it throughout the entire day. Whether it’s done subtly or with some serious “Wow” factor”, it’s important to follow through with your theme. It can really capture and hold your company’s interest.

Your theme can and should be seen in your “Day-of” Stationery, decor, activities/games, entertainment; it can even be creatively mixed into your meals and displayed in beverages.

For part 2 in this inspirational photo shoot, a “Welcome” sign ushers guests in and reminds them “It’s Time to Celebrate”.

We then surprise them with custom drink stirrers. They are oh- so festive and are great conversation starters. Our stirrers capture phrases from the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, and accented with a little glitz!

A Vellum sheet of paper is added to a glass cylinder, and a battery operated LED light is placed inside for cool ambience.

Next, get them involved at your sign in table. The concepts and possibilities for sign-in tables are endless. We decided to ask guests to leave advice on little diamond cards, that looked similar to the invitation. They are then hung on a wish tree, which is accented with tassels and miniature clock charms.

For a cool backdrop, we installed a large wall clock for visual interest, and can easily be peeled off with no drama.

It’s almost time for part 3, Stay tuned!

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