Saturday, 11 January 2014

Time to Celebrate - Part 4

Enjoying Tantalizing Confections

An awesome trend commonly seen at special events lately is the Candy Bar/Buffet (*all candy), and the Sweet Table (*a combo of candy, delicious baked goods and other sweet treats).
*How ETC. defines it!

They are the perfect ending to the perfect event! Some have it in place of favours, others have it as a sweet way to say "thanks for coming".

We adore candy tables, and we really love creating whimsical ones! We were excited at the challenge of infusing "time" and our favourite colour palette of purple into the overall design.

Design Features

Getting a little creative, we re-purposed a tablecloth for the backdrop, by hand painting the phrase that takes centre stage at the table.

Lollipop Timepiece
Our lollipop stand was created out of a round cardboard tube, inserted with black straws where we placed our lollipops. The lollipops were accented with "time to...." phrases (as seen in part 2 on the blog) and we added mini popsicle sticks painted black for our clock's hands.

Candy Stand
By adding a silver platform to a “Umbra” clock, we were able to craft a cool stand to hold our fruit candy slices.

"Big Top" Cupcake Stand
This stand was inspired by a trip to a fun park last summer. Large Umbrellas provided shade and a cool space for us to eat lunch.
It’s made from black glitter paper, wooden dowels, a glass plate and styrofoam. The design process was a little tricky and complex at times, but we're very happy with the result.
It houses delicious Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing, butterfly candy and a "time flies" banner as a cupcake topper. Definitely one of our favourite treats from our Sweet Lady Sheryl Lee!

Custom Packaging
We designed chocolate bar wrappers and window treat bags, convenient for guests to take home.

Added d├ęcor includes a sand clock, a custom made tissue tassel banner and custom signage. We decided to push the envelope a bit with a Cookie Calendar; sugar cookies adhered to a calendar with icing complete the time and date sweet table.

Thank you so much for viewing this "Time to Celebrate" inspirational photo shoot. These are just a few of the services and design details Ecclesia Tidings & Creations can enhance your celebration with and we look forward to the opportunity to do so!

Many thanks to the family, friends, fans and supporters of Etc.

Photography by Keren Williams

Friday, 3 January 2014

Time to Celebrate - Part 3

Entice them Creatively

One of the main purposes of this inspirational Photoshoot is to show how Ecclesia Tidings and Creations can “enhance the celebration” you are planning.

Once you've decided on a decor company and have met with your Wedding/Event planner (strongly recommended, and we can recommend a few; ask us!), Etc would love to work with you developing your theme, inserting whimsical and creative decor accents and customizing an event style unique to you. Simply, we invite you to step outside the box.

In Part 1 of "Time to Celebrate" we looked at the invitation and how it sets the stage for the party, and in Part 2 we began to carry out our theme and infusing it into the event.

In Part 3, guests move further into the event space to take their seats. Once again we look to the invitation for inspiration in creating our place/escort cards. Following the motif, we designed a tent card with a layered look and added more glitz!

Located beside the cards is one our favourite features; the Card box. A large hand-made Alarm clock card box adorns the table for guest to place their gifts. A number of materials were used in its creation including, cardboard, foam core, black satin fabric, metal bowls and other hardware pieces commonly found around the house. The face of the clock was hand-painted and black glitter paper was used for the clock hands.

 The diamond glitter curtain behind the card box was created on a sewing machine by stitching metallic pieces of paper together, and custom signage hangs at the side of the table.

Its time for dinner! In the reception space we find the guest table. A hand-crafted “Time themed” centrepeice (we think) steals the show. The double sided center- of- attention was made from cardboard, wood and feathers and the flowers were created from fabric and a variety of paper types.

Below the centrepeice are the cake/ favour boxes topped with custom tag and an adorable clock charm. Circular menu cards garnish the dinner plates and other custom features include table numbers and water bottle labels.

The 4th and final part will be extra sweet. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Time To Celebrate - Part 2

Entertaining the Company by Embracing the Continuity

The invitations have been delivered and (hopefully) you've received your responses, so now we're finalizing the event details.

As your guests enter the event space, allow them to see that you took extra care in planning the overall look and feel. Paying attention to all those little details will sure make for an awesome experience and long remembered for years to come.

If you’ve chosen a theme, don’t be afraid to infuse it throughout the entire day. Whether it’s done subtly or with some serious “Wow” factor”, it’s important to follow through with your theme. It can really capture and hold your company’s interest.

Your theme can and should be seen in your “Day-of” Stationery, decor, activities/games, entertainment; it can even be creatively mixed into your meals and displayed in beverages.

For part 2 in this inspirational photo shoot, a “Welcome” sign ushers guests in and reminds them “It’s Time to Celebrate”.

We then surprise them with custom drink stirrers. They are oh- so festive and are great conversation starters. Our stirrers capture phrases from the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, and accented with a little glitz!

A Vellum sheet of paper is added to a glass cylinder, and a battery operated LED light is placed inside for cool ambience.

Next, get them involved at your sign in table. The concepts and possibilities for sign-in tables are endless. We decided to ask guests to leave advice on little diamond cards, that looked similar to the invitation. They are then hung on a wish tree, which is accented with tassels and miniature clock charms.

For a cool backdrop, we installed a large wall clock for visual interest, and can easily be peeled off with no drama.

It’s almost time for part 3, Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Time to Celebrate

Part 1- Excite the Crowd

~Inspirational Photo Shoot~

 Give them an invitation they'll remember. A well thought out and unique invitation will ignite excitement while serving as a herald for your big day! Your invitation can also be one of the first ways to set the scene: the theme and tone of your event.

For this inspirational photo shoot we truly wanted the invitation to make the statement: it’s time to celebrate!

This satin wrapped (custom made) presentation box, houses a glittery time piece resting on a satin pad, and opens with a well known quote taken from the Bible;

"There's a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season" - Ecclesiastes 3:1(NCV)
This is the premise ETC is built on. We seek to provide you with the very best in custom and handmade products for celebrating in each of your special seasons. It also happens to be where part of our name "ecclesia" comes from.

ETC adores creating invitations with little surprises. Lifting the flap on the satin pad reveals the announcement (the actual invite), which reminds us of a fabulous black tie affair...of course, you're invited! Turn the satin pad around and you'll see a pocket which holds your response card and envelope!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Inspirational Photo Shoot!
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